What’s a book ?

The book is a written document, composed of several linked pages, intended to be read by a targeted audience.

Each book is full of knowledge , whatever was its subject or writer.

Through books we can search for new knowledge or deepen and expand our knowledge into an uncontrolled subject.

The book or internet ?

The paper book is very interesting, first because we take the time to choose it, it may have been given to us. It has a smell, leaves memories and can be shared.

A few decades ago, the book was the only source of information available to children, teenagers alike adults … but now with the evolution of technology, anyone of any age is turning to internet even if what we find on the internet is not often reliable.

Books urge us to look for information , and make efforts to find what we need, while the internet encourages ease and simplicity, so in a short amount of time you can have everything you could possibly need , it promotes plagiarism and laziness.

Moreover, while a book is read by several specialists, any user can freely express themselves on the Internet. Therefore , there is no guarantee on the quality of the content

Written by Mouna Anass

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